This Brand Could Change the Way You Shower!

In my opinion, showers should function as therapeutic “me-time”. If you’re anything like me, a good shower helps to boost energy in the morning before a hectic day, and even enables me to scrub the bad ones away, too. No matter what you need, a nice, long shower or bath provides a shred of comfort and calmness amidst the hustle bustle of a busy—and often stressful—schedule.
And why not spread the love? With Valentine’s Day a mere week away, gift your guy some sudsy paradise with Oil & Ash Soap Co.! Made in America products have become increasingly uncommon, so when I stumbled upon Oil and Ash’s website and found out that they’re based in Milwaukee, WI, I knew I was investing in a reliable, high-quality product. Men love dependability—even when it comes to their soap, right? Established in 2014, Oil & Ash is still a relatively new personal care label. Inspired by historical décor, founders Jennifer and Stephanie honed in on the lush musings of a simpler time: 1912, specifically. Thanks to a vintage clawfoot tub in their own home, the two decided to set out and find the essence of what makes for a perfect bath-time experience. The rest, as they say, is history. Oil & Ash was born through the experimentation and testing of various handmade soap formulas for what I believe will be your beau’s best bath ever. My Oil & Ash experience began with their Brewmaker’s Citrus Ale soap. Yes, you read that right—this specific soap bar contains the very same hops found in beer. The bar itself has a strong scent at first, but nothing totally extreme. I used it on its own, then lathered it up on a loofa pad. Combined with the heat and steam from the shower, the bar smelled lovely and it left my skin silky smooth. The Brewmaker’s Citrus Ale soap perfectly moisturizes and cleans the skin without any of the harsh ingredients. With an array of natural ingredients like olive oil, coconut oil, shea butter, castor oil, and wheat bran, it’s no wonder why this soap is such a miracle worker. Since I have sensitive skin, I was worried about trying something new, but this soap was soothing, soft, and didn’t irritate my skin one bit! It truly felt like a luxe experience, and at just $8.50 per bar, you don’t have to drain your wallet to spoil your guy this year… Plus, he’ll smell good.